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Stories spark connections. They allow us to see ourselves in history and help us to relate to those around us. They remind us of our commonalities and serve as critical junctures for ideas, opportunities, and a sense of community.

Storytelling is a universal concept that lies at the foundation of this work. There are stories of growth, innovation, collaboration and progress all around us. They need to be told as a way to connect people and inspire them to keep moving forward. Share your story with us and help us to continue to Elevate Greater Akron.

Growth Story

Submit a growth story of an entrepreneur or business to be featured in the storytelling initiative #ChooseGrowth.

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NOMZ: Q&A with Kassandra Morrison

By ElevateGreaterAkron / November 15, 2020

What is the background story of your business? When/how was it created? We’ve been open for about two years. Sam, my partner, who makes all of our menus used to work for Mustard Seed. I used to own a t- shirt company, and inside of the Northside Marketplace with like a small shop in the back…

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Hustle Hard Fitness, LLC: Q&A with Jacqwelynn Wymann

By ElevateGreaterAkron / November 1, 2020

What is the background story of your business? When/how was it created? It began with a dream in 2017. I knew i wanted to help people become healthy and have fun doing it. I was about to leave the security of my job as a sheriff and pursue my dream of becoming an entrepreneur. After much…

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